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Products >> Marine Doors >> Simplified Door Buyer's Guide

Simplified Door Buyer's Guide

1. What style of door?

Flush panel or extruded?

2. What shape of door?

Square corners or radiuses?

Extruded Doors
Square corner = Doors A thru N
Radius corner = Doors P thru S

3. What size door?

Door size can be determined in any one of the following three ways:

A. Clear Opening
The most common way to determine size. The clear opening is the smallest opening of the frame. For example: A "Type A" door has a standard clear opening of 26" x 66". If a block of wood is 26" x 66" x 10' long, you could pass it through an "A" door frame.

B. Actual Door Size
Measure the door itself without the frame.

C. Bulkhead Opening
Measure the width and the length of the cut-out in the bulkhead.

4. What hand is the door... right or left?

The easiest way to determine the hand of the door is to open the door and straddle the threshold with one foot inside the compartment and one foot in the hall while you are facing the door. If the door is on your right side then it is a right hand door.

Our doors are priced to include the door mounted on the frame with hinges and lockset.

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